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8Bit Dream Machine is an 8Bit Anime and Video Game music mix created by me. It’s a mix of songs that make me happy that I can turn on and enjoy at any time uwu


1) My Soul, Your Beats! - Lia (from Angel Beats!)

2) Main Theme - Legend of Zelda (from Wind Waker)

3) D-Techno Life - Uverworld (from Bleach)

4) Splash Free - Style Five (from Free!)

5) Connect - Claris (from Madoka Magica)

6) 2:00 Pm (from Animal Crossing Wild World)

7) 挿入歌「Crow Song」- Girls Dead Monster (from Angel Beats!)

8) Outset Island - Legend of Zelda (from Wind Waker)

9) Asterisk - Orange Range (from Bleach)

10) 【進撃の巨人】- Linked Horizon (from Shingeki No Kyojin [Attack on Titan])

11) Snow Fairy - Funkist (from Fairy Tail)

12) Ryoshima Plains (from Okami)

13) Just Be Friends - Megurine Luka

14) Simple and Clean - Hikari (from Kingdom Hearts)

15) Sburban Jungle - Andrew Hussie (from Homestuck)

16) Minish Village - Legend of Zelda (from Minish Cap)

17) 紅蓮の弓矢 - Linked Horizon (from Shingeki No Kyojin [Attack on Titan])

18) Shinshu Fields (from Okami)

19) Dragon Roost Island - Legend of Zelda (from Wind Waker)

20) My Sweet Heart - Rika Komatsu (from Tokyo Mew Mew)

21) The Sun Rises (from Okami)

22) Twilight Tower Town - 8bitlee (from Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days)

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